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Home cooking from The Ukraine

Party and event room available. Sound system, bar, lighting. Call for details.


And some humour..

Going home to mothers cooking is something enjoyed around the world. We have Ukraine mothers cooking right here. Helen, has gathered the most popular dishes and put them on one menu. Nobody leaves hungry! It is motto that works.

For years, we have the same promise, if anyone leaves still hungry and not happy; the whole kitchen staff must be shot. fortunately, touch wood, turn around three times and tap chair twice, this has never been necessary.

We are happy family with good food and plenty of vodka always ready. Nobody will ever torture you for truth, and you will never need to leave in hurry. We welcome everyone from around the world, and sprinkle warmth on them. You will be treated as special guest, always.


A genuinely warm welcome and first rate friendly service.

A whole new menu, remodeled interior and exterior, a peaceful summer deck for dining or meeting. A party and event facility. These are all on offer at Prosperity restaurant. Take a tour of our website and come visit soon.


We  bring you an authentic and relaxed atmosphere from the Ukraine. Home cooked dishes are our hallmark.

Let us cater or host your special event!



59 York St Street

Twickenham Tw1 3LP


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